Public Art Projects

Now through October 2019 enjoy the Kinetic Art exhibit in Downtown Boynton Beach.  Learn more. 

"Waterhole #3" greets visitors entering the Boynton Town Center.

Public art creates character and can be an identifying marker and often a meeting place where people gather.

Enjoy public art located in the north, central, downtown, and south areas of the City.

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A Tear Must Fall sculptureLocation: Quantum Town Center , 1034 Gateway Blvd. Boynton Beach, FL 33426

Artist Zhou Hong depicted thoughts about 9/11 in this sculpture. As uneven and difficult human interaction is, it generally works.

Aspen Glen mosaicThe Aspen Glen Neighborhood Gathering Space was created by Suzi K. Edwards and Leo Urban. An aspen tree mosaic is made from venetian, vitreous and ceramic smalti glass, cut stone and seashells with stone veneer, cedar trellis, pained stucco and a bench surrounded by lush landscape. It is lit at night for visibility and safety.

bid red fire image eocLocation: 2080 High Ridge Road
Art title: "Big Red"
Year:  2009
Artist Dana Donaty painted this mural that illustrates the Boynton Beach Fire Department at the intersection of tradition and progress. Actual historical images were blended into the continuous mural scene depicting the evolution of fire rescue in Boynton Beach.

"Brotherhood in Mourning" created and donated by Ray Altman, Boynton Beach Fire Rescue Division Chief depicts a firefighter sitting on a park bench while looking at a piece of steel beam, a part of the World Trade Center donated by the 9-11 Foundation. Learn more

brotherhood in mourning sculptureLocation: Fire Station 5, 2080 High Ridge Rd.

This sculpture created and donated by Ray Altman, Boynton Beach Fire Rescue Division Chief depicts a firefighter sitting on a park bench while looking at a piece of steel beam, which is a part of the World Trade Center donated by the 9-11 Foundation. The shield of the firefighter's helmet mirrors the maze of steel beams which dressed the landscape of Ground Zero. The number 343, intentionally cut out of the helmet's shield, represents the 343 fallen firefighters who sacrificed their lives on September 11, 2001. The sculpture is made of steel masonry nails colored in lacquer and clear coated in urethane paints.

Celebration of children and families sculptureLocation: Children’s Services Council,  2300 High Ridge Road
George Gadson's bronze and Krinklglas 17ft sculpture consists of a backdrop of primary transparent colors with bronze images of a family. The different colors symbolize the many multi-ethnic groups represented in the community. The transparent Krinklglas® allows for the transference of light and serves as a reminder that children are transparent about their feelings, thoughts and actions - a celebration of the vibrancy and excitement of the child-like spirit.

Cluster of five SunflowersLocation: Imagine School, 3333 High Ridge Rd.

Artist: Frank Varga 

Sculpted by Frank Varga, the cluster of five sunflowers represents the school’s sense of joy, integrity and fun to help all students love of learning. The flowers seed pods are made of bronze surrounded by stainless steel flower petals on long bronze stems.

CognizanceLocation: Quantum Town Center, 1070 Gateway Blvd. 

Artist Bill Bedford brings the viewer out of the accepted order, water flowing up, fire burning down, and an embryonic pose in a figure mature. To recognize the world by its parts takes awareness with which change can be manipulated. 

DancerLocation: Quantum Town Center, 1034 Gateway Blvd. 

Artist Zhou Hong, encourages the viewer to delve into their own feelings and imagination meant to be seen individually by the artist.



Location: Casa del Mar Townhomes, 2626 North Federal Hwy

The highly recognizable red mangrove or “walking” mangrove sculpture created by Lucy Keshavarz is integrated into the community’s entry wall along US 1. It appears to be “emerging” from the wall. The sculpture depicts a mangle of branching powder coated aluminum roots, custom tile leaves embedded into the cast stone “tree” with water tiles and the waves that swirl with the tides all glittering in the sun.

FD Nozzle SconcesLocation: Fire Station 5, 2080 High Ridge Rd.

Artist Jeff Halverson made these nozzle sconces from antique fire-fighting equipment.

friendship%20rings%20324%20%20x%20324.jpgArtist Debbie Marucci created this colorful fun pay experience that greets visitors and children to this daycare facility located at 1601 N. Congress Ave.

Gateway to the Gulfstream muralLocation: 2010 North Federal Highway
This is one of two murals painted at Harvey Oyer Park. Artist Peter Agardy, a Boynton Beach native, incorporated his memories of fishing, diving and surfing the waters off the coast into the two murals. The park has been a true staple in his life and is the entry point to our beautiful coast that expresses the Park’s character, and proximity to the Boynton Beach Inlet.

Growing Christian Leaders gateLocation: Lake Worth Christian School, 7592 High Ridge Rd. 

For the schools entrance art teacher Joan Therien guided students to create and fabricate colorful tiles which were installed on columns to flank a gate featuring a large blue tree that depicts the schools mission.

Human Nature Many FacesLocation: Quantum Town Center, 1014 Gateway Blvd.

Artist: Unknown

Interenal SpringLocation: Quantum Town Center, 1034 Gateway Blvd.

Created by artist Guy Angelo Wilson this sculpture is intended to celebrate the regenerative qualities of the human spirit.

Monkey And Mangos



Artist Suzi K. Edwards created the glass and tile mosaic in the corner of the Boynton Lakes Plaza. The builder used a decorative concrete grape border around the Publix grocery store. The artist continued with a fruit and animal theme.

Octopus sculptureLocation: Marriott Town Place Suites, 2450 Quantum Blvd.

Artists Michael Nuriel and Devin Cahow used over 1000 recycled craftsman tools and parts from a vehicle transmission to create this sculpture. The Octopus’ body is a recycled welded toolbox.

Ode to Old BoyntonLocation: Harvey E. Oyer Park, 2010 North Federal Hwy. 

Peter Agardy’s second mural is installed on the boat ramp round-about wall pays homage to Boynton’s historic fishing community and today’s conservation focus of the tag and release sailfish practices. 

Reading with DarleneLocation: Literacy Coalition, 3651 Quantum Blvd.  

Sculpted by Frank Varga and cast from Athena medusa stone. This sculpture depicts a women reading to child which speaks to the Literacy Coalition’s mission statement “To ensure every adult and child in PBC becomes a reader.” 

We are coming ApartLocation: Quantum Town Center, 1040 Gateway Blvd. 

Artist Zhou Hong depicts the concern about the world we live in and the future for mankind unless changes are made.

Anticipated HarvestLocation: Sunshine Square, 508 E. Woolbright Rd.

Each of the three 12 foot sculptures in this public art installation pays homage to our tropical Florida paradise. Created for the Sunshine Square shopping center by commissioned artist Mark Fuller, each sculpture is comprised of six aluminum 'leaf clusters' creating vertical columns that greet visitors to the plaza’s open center.

Butterfly Mandela artworkLocation: 100 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd (SW Corner of MLK Blvd. & Seacrest Blvd.)

This kinetic artwork by Debbie and Len Marucci located at Heritage Park along was purchased by the CRA (the Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Agency) while on display on the Avenue of the Arts exhibit.

Eight Horses painting on wall

Location: Boynton Town Center on Michael’s building, 800 N. Congress Ave.

Neighboring the horse sculptures are colorfully painted, silver framed horse portraits by Dublin, Ireland artist, Fionnuala Mary Collins that pay tribute to the site's previous residents.

eternal%20324%20x%20324.jpgLocation: Carolyn Sims Community Center at Wilson Park, 225 NW 12th Ave
This sculpture by Frank Varga celebrates Carolyn Sims' contribution to the quality of life in Boynton Beach. Mrs. Sims served the City for 41 years as an employee in the Recreation and Parks department. This Public Art Memorial symbolizes the value of her community service. She embraced all ages and races, while raising her own large extended family..  Learn more.

in%20the%20beginning%20324%20x%20324.jpgLocation: 100 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. (Intersection of MLK Blvd. & Seacrest Blvd.)

Public Art project funded with ARRA Stimulus dollars was created by artists Debbie and Len Marucci through a collaboration with the Heart of Boynton Community. Art in Public Places hosted five sessions in which residents revealed images that represented their community’s past, present and future. The artists integrated these images into three brightly painted aluminum laser cut panels. Community artist apprentice, Jermaine Johnson created an airbrushed scene on one of the panels called “The Journey.

Easiest Address is 100 MLK for all 4 pieces including Butterfly

In the Beginning: 101 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., (NW corner of MLK and Seacrest) The Journey: 111 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., (NE corner of MLK and Seacrest) New Beginnings: 1010 N. Seacrest Blvd., (SE corner of MLK and Seacrest)

Location: B.A.P.S. Swaminatayan Mandar, 541 SE 18th Ave.

An Indian sandstone sculpted by SOMPURA artists who have practiced stone-work for generations, represents one’s life for happiness, success and peace of mind. This sculpture depicts a person who is sculpting his own self out of a piece of rock.

Mangrove Gate at PNC BankLocation: PNC Bank, 1520 South Federal Hwy.

The team of Matt Rowan, Environmental Artist and Designer, and Jonathan Toner, Landscape Architect, created a striking and beautiful landmark to Boynton Beach that echoes and amplifies Florida’s extraordinary landscapes. Educational signage, featured on one of the Cor-Ten Steel mangrove sculptural elements, explains how this eco art wall is one of the many sustainable building aspects that PNC has implemented in this LEED certified building.

Location: Sara Sims Park, 209 NW 9th Court, facing MLK Blvd. 
This public art project transformed and enriched the community while Boynton’s youth participants were taught the important difference between illegal tagging and graffiti art through the guidance of artists Peter Agardy “ENV” Douglas Hoekzema “HOX”, John Griffin “VENOM” and local emerging artist Jermaine Johnson. The project was funded by the Youth Violence Prevention Program through the Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Commission. Learn more.

Ocean White Cluster FountainLocation: Dr. Mote Rehab, 3111 W Boynton Beach Blvd.

This artwork by Frank Varga, consists of water that flows over polished rocks backed by bronze sea oats. It soothes visitors upon entering the facility.

dicks%20324%20x%20324.jpgLocation: Dick’s Sporting Goods, 515 N. Congress Ave.
Stephanie Jaffe Werner’s functional, whimsical and interactive artwork consists of three colorful fiberglass golf tees set into a hand cut porcelain and Smalti glass tile mosaic golf green.

Stained Glass WindowLocation: Boynton Memorial Park Cemetery Mausoleum Chapel, 1611 S. Seacrest Blvd.

A prominent feature of the Mausoleum Chapel are the stained glass windows and mausoleum crypts created by world renowned artist Conrad Pickel.

horses%20324%20x%20324.jpgLocation: Boynton Town Center, 950 N Congress Ave.

Mark Fuller's design intent was to preserve the history of the community and enhance the shopping experience at the Boynton Town Center located at Congress Ave. The public art life-size horse sculptures ”The Last Pasture" and "Waterhole #3”, sited in traffic circles symbolically create an island of pasture surrounded by the unnatural man-made environment. These installations are visual metaphors of the shrinking rural environments.

The Way We WereLocation: 1470 SW 8th St.

Historian Janet DeVries selected several prominent historical black & white images that were (or still are) in Boynton Beach and applied to the buildings window. The owners are dedicated to the Boynton Community and wanted to celebrate its history.

Location: Cross Creek Plaza, 1313 W Boynton Beach Blvd.

tree%20in%20wind%20324%20x%20324%20.jpgArtist George Sacaris created this kinetic sculpture that has a tree like structure and moves gently in the wind.

Umbrella PalmLocation: Siba Medical Center, 709 S. Federal Hwy.

This tile mural designed by Leo Urban and sculpted by Tracy Rosof-Petersen depicts an umbrella sage plant in full bloom that evokes the healing anti-fungal antioxidant and antibacterial properties of the plant used in the medical profession.

water you and i  
Location:  East Water Treatment Plant, 124 E. Woolbright Rd.

This public art installation created by design team David Dahlquist and Matt Niebuhr symbolizes the source of water for Boynton Beach – the Florida Aquifer.  It allows visitors to experience drawing of water from a well while visually making a connection of where the water comes from.

A large metal pavilion serves as a gathering place and outdoor classroom. The pavilion represents how water naturally travels from the sky, and filters into the ground sediment.  Inside is a popular drinking fountain with a pet fountain, and bottle filling station which is heavily used by the public. The water source sounds represent how water enters our homes after its collected and treated at the new utility facility.

Inside the pavilion, is a laser-cut and engraved haiku where rainwater enters that reads: 

Water, you and I
  Sky Falling Thru Sand and Stone 
 Are You Thirsty Yet

A backdrop to the pavilion is a mural consisting of five aluminum panels. Each 10-foot long and 3-foot high panel uses reflective vinyl designed with colorful graphic images that depict the sky, flowing water, and an aquifer blend.

By day, natural light reflects off the non-directionally polished stainless steel of the pavilion and the vinyl on the decorative wall. At night, strategically placed LED lights and spot lights illuminate the artwork. The project is also enhanced by complimentary landscaping, benches and pathways.

Learn more. 

cavalcade%20324%20x%20324.jpg101 S Federal Hwy.

Reaching 40-feet into the sky, Cavalcade is the tallest public art in the Palm Beaches. This colorful iconic 8.5 ton sculpture is a permanent Albert Paley sculpture commissioned by the developers of 500 Ocean. Paley, one of the world’s prominent metal sculptors created this sculpture to provide a dramatic silhouette when accented against the sky. The spire-like shapes projecting upward engage the quality and play of sunlight and provide dramatic contrast. The vertical elements are Alberts interpretation of palm fronds. Although the sculpture is not kinetic, the interlaced folded metal shapes indicate movement as if they are being articulated by the air from the sea. As the sun traverses, the play of light and shade dramatically increases the sculptures dynamism.

Island of Tiki PeopleLocation: Pete’s Pond, 700 NE 4th Ave.

Twelve Tiki people are made by “Tiki “Tom Bazinet from recycled and found objects to educate the community to keep the environment clean.

Lace BassLocation: Boynton Harbor Marina, 711 E. Ocean Ave.

Jaak Kindberg’s large abstract stylized guitar or stringed musical Instrument made of recycled steel.

Large Green DragonflyLocation: Boynton Harbor Marina, 711 E. Ocean Ave.

Dragonfly sculpture, by Jo Chamness is made from copper and stained glass. The wings of this Dragonfly are "textured" and "fractured" green stained glass. It has accents of green flat glass marbles and two large green glass ball eyes. "Textured" refers to the raised pattern of the glass. "Fractured" refers to the cracked pattern created in the glass.

opus%20324%20x%20324%20.jpgOceanfront  Park - 6415 N. Ocean Blvd.

Opus is an Environmental Art Project by Rick Beau Lieu made from recycled Exxon Oil pipe and was installed at Oceanfront Park as part of the parks renovation. It serves to educate visitors about the undeveloped, pristine beach that is essential for the existence of marine life.

bling%20324%20x%20324%20.jpgLocation: 700 E. Boynton Beach Blvd. at the Boynton Beach Extension

This 15’ high sculpture by Jim LaPaso made of stainless steel and dichroic glass, represents the paradox of society while striving for the wealth of goodwill.

three%20lanterns%20324%20x%20324%20.jpgLocation: Dewey Park, 100 NE 4th St.

Three architecturally inspired laser cut metal lanterns by Dee Dee Morrison hang high in the majestic banyan trees and are illuminated at night by LED lights.

Three Moons RisingLocation: Boynton Harbor Marina, 735 Casa Loma Blvd.

This 18-foot-high kinetic sculpture created by artist Jeff Kahn has rotating crescent shapes that are reminiscent of the moon rising over the horizon and arcing across the sky. Made of aluminum and designed to withstand the harsh south Florida weather, it weighs just under 100 pounds allowing the kinetic elements to elegantly move in any air current.

Location: Healing Heart, 222 W Boynton Beach Blvd.

healing%20gardens%20324%20x%20324.jpgA whimsical bird greeting passersby was sculpted by Walter Palmer. The holistic veterinary clinic wanted to welcome all to their facility.

harmony%20leaves%20324%20x%20324.jpgLocation: Barrier Free Park - 3111 S Congress Ave.

Public artist Beth Ravitz created a functional metal screen that relates to the parks “Fish Camp” theme. Sway Fun Wall


Location: Jaycee Park, 2600 S. Federal Highway

Through integrated public art and site interpretation planning, public artist Lucy Keshavarz and interpretive consultant Linda Emerson created a holistic experience at Jaycee Park. All elements of the park serve to educate and inspire visitors to understand estuary ecology, its direct connection to the Gulf Stream ecosystem and Boynton Beach’s rich fishing and cultural heritage.

Interpretative Public Art Markers serve as an educational tool for visitors to learn the historic, present and future importance of the City’s mangrove estuaries. This project was funded with a match using City Park impact fees and a F.I.N.D., Florida Inland Navigation District grant award.

Nayas DaughtersLocation: Seacrest Medical, 2828 S Seacrest Blvd.

These three beautifully carved Carerra marble statues by an unknown artist came from a private collection and welcome clients to this specialty medical center.

butterfly%20324%20x%20324.jpgLocation: Seabourn Cove, 3501 South Federal Hwy.

Old Dixie Eco Walk is the first public/private partnership for reforestation of a City easement project. This public eco art project connects and creates a new greenspace for the city’s planned Blueways/Greenways project. Old Dixie Eco Walk’s creator, Lucy Keshavarz, collaborated with landscape architect David Bodker, native plants organizations and scientists to create a space that attracts and sustains butterflies and wildlife. The project features informational panels to educate the public about the butterfly life-cycle and host plants There are sculptural rock resting areas, butterfly watering holes and plant identification plaques throughout the greenspace. The eco-walk also promotes the green building features of Seabourn Cove, the nation’s first and largest sustainable gated community, to the public. Learn more.

Sprocket ExplosionLocation: Offices at Bamboo, 3330 South Federal Hwy.

This gear shaped metal bike rack was created by Steve Di Leonardo.

Sway Fun WallLocation: Barrier Free Park, 3111 S Congress Ave

This public art wall feature created by artist Beth Ravitz with textured rock and smooth polished metal surfaces where children of different abilities can interact with oneself or as a group and provides valuable play experiences for all abilities.

the%20family%20324%20x%20324%20.jpg Location: Jaycee Park playground area, 2600 S. Federal Hwy.

Whimsical sculpture created by Peter Otfinoski is made out of recycled and painted metal materials.

The GulfstreamLocation: Walmart, 3625 South Federal Hwy.

This iconic sculpture greets visitors entering south border of the City of Boynton Beach and was the first public art in the nation to adorn a Walmart store. Created by local artist Frank Varga it features gold "Boynton Beach" lettering illuminated by LED’s and topped by an abstract 15 foot stainless steel sculpture. The sculpture depicts two marlins surrounding a 3 foot “ball of fish” made of bronze verdigris. This sculpture demonstrates how large billfish capture and eat their food in the Ocean.