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It’s time to take a look at Boynton Beach, 

A tropical home town where the Atlantic and Florida’s Everglades meet

Conveniently nestled in the coastal heart of Palm Beach County, 

Boynton Beach serves up waterfront dining, abundant shopping and lively entertainment

Where the nearby Gulfstream brings cooling summer breezes and warm winter sunshine,
And recreation is a lifestyle

Boynton Beach is a creative haven embracing artists, writers, entrepreneurs and dreamers

Its business friendly environment offers numerous opportunities and incentives
for sustainable growth

Its energetic downtown revival emanates from the busy Boynton Harbor Marina docks,
To the community’s historic heart and soul

Grow your family, business and garden in a cultural mosaic of diverse, affordable neighborhoods 

Complemented by excellent schools with a mission to educate, nurture and inspire

Catch a wave, Catch a fish, Catch your breath
Breeze into Boynton Beach, America’s Gateway to the Gulfstream.


The Boynton Beach Brand Promise (pdf icon.pdf) is our community’s internal commitment for the kind of positive experiences we want our visitors and stakeholders to enjoy. 

Boynton Beach has diverse ethnic groups, cultures, districts, neighborhoods, and icons, which when combined, generate an “eclectic” energy.

By demonstrating and featuring the various unique and diverse options, the Boynton Beach Promise clearly communicates the assets and strengths of the city, its history and culture, the objectives of the broader economic development strategy and the collective vision and goals of residents, businesses and other community stakeholders.

From Maine to Miami, Boynton Beach is the closest point to the Atlantic Gulfstream.  Our Promise invites everyone to…

Catch a wave, Catch a fish, Catch your breath, and Breeze into Boynton Beach, America’s Gateway to the Gulfstream.