Permit Information

This information will help you with the permitting process.  When you are ready to move forward, proceed to obtain permit forms and applications.  Not sure if you need a permit?  Learn more.   

Building Permits Office Location and Hours - Phone: 561-742-6350
100 E. Ocean Ave., Boynton Beach, FL 33435 

  • Mon - Fri.,  8 am - 4 pm: Permit applications and re-submittals are accepted.
  • Mon - Fri.,  4 pm - 5 pm: Only inquiries and issuance of processed items will be handled.

Inspection requests must be received by 3:00 pm in order to schedule an inspection for the following business day. 

Looking for old permits? Search the building permit history database.

You can make a payment easily on line with a Credit or Debit Card as well as an e-check. Please have your permit application number, your payment information and click this link to pay, Click2Gov Building Permit - Select Permit 

1. In put the permit application number  (XX-XXXX) 

Select permit and include application number

2. Choose Application Fees on the left green menu 

application fees button

3. Choose “Pay All Fees”. And follow the payment information. 

pay all fees button

You can check the status of your application or view the comments by clicking Click2Gov Building Permit - Select Permit

1. Enter your 6-digit permit application number to check status, and you will see the overview of the application. To the left is a green menu, please click “Plan Tracking Status”. 

plan tracking status

2. The review steps will display. If the “Action Summary” status is in an “NA” (Not Approved). Click on the “Agency Description” 

3. Next Page scroll down to Action History. Click on to see comments. 

Action history with action description

For any questions concerning plan review, please contact the appropriate discipline at the beginning of the comments or direct to Please note, to ensure the most efficient plan review on your project, all steps must be complete by the City’s staff before any corrections can be submitted. Corrections and Revisions are submitted through the same link above, Click2Gov Building Permit - Select Permit 

In the left bottom you will see “CORRECTION AND REVISION DOCUMENT UPLOAD” This will take you to a form for uploading documents. 

In addition, the” Ready for Issuance” step must AP and payment made before the permit can be issued. Please refrain from calling or e-mailing if the ‘Ready for Issuance’ step is open for 3 days or less. 

Corrections and Revisions are submitted through this link Click2Gov Building Permit - Select Permit.  Please note, to ensure the most efficient plan review on your project, all steps must be complete by the City’s staff before any corrections can be submitted. 

In addition, the Ready for pick up step must AP and payment made before the permit can be issued. Please refrain from calling or e-mailing if the ‘Ready for Pick Up’ step is open for 2 days or less.

1. Click this link Click2Gov Building Permit - Select Permit and choose “plan tracking status” in the green menu to the left. 

2. The Action Summary Must all be in AP status for the permit to be issued.

screenshot of screen with action summary selected

You will receive an e-mail to the email that was provided.   A link will be sent to the e-mail that you provided in the application to download your approved permit packet. 

We as the city are temporarily accepting the E-Recorded NOC in place of a certified copy. We advise you as Contractor of this project to follow the County’s process for obtaining a certified copy onsite for all materialmen and or sub-contractors per Florida Statute 713.13 and 713.135.  

You can upload the NOC directly to or directly to the Application Technician or Specialist you are working with if you have their e-mail.

Inspections: When you are ready to start scheduling inspections, you may do so online, at the same link , Click2Gov Building Permit - Select Permit .  You must have your permit application number and the 7 digit pin number associated with the permit (Building, Electric, Plumbing, etc)  will each have a different pin. A permit pin will be provided on your permit card once your permit is approved and issued. Please be sure your authorized personnel have this pin to ensure smooth inspection scheduling. You may also request inspections by calling our Inspection Line at 561-742-6355 by 3:00 PM. Inspections will be scheduled the next business day. All inspection requests made after 3:00 pm will not be scheduled the next business day. However, they may be scheduled for the day following the next business day if called after 3:00 pm.

Inspections are posted on our website the day of the inspection by 8:15 am.   

1. Please click this link Daily Inspections - Laserfiche WebLink  

2. Find your inspection by the type of inspection, permit number or the address.

3. Look to the right side of schedule to the yellow time frame. 

Each project has its own requirements. Before you start working on your project, you may wish to call Building Permits office. City employees will explain the process you must follow, what documents you will need and whether your project will require plan review. Larger projects are subject to more complex regulations and will require a longer plan review process. The extent of review required will depend on the use, occupancy, type of structure, location and possibly other factors.

Did you know? Building improvements that improve energy efficiency or use renewable energy may be eligible for cash rebates under the City’s Energy Edge Rebate Program.

  • All permit applications must include two copies of submittal documents
  • Permit fee is paid at submittal

Corrections will not be accepted if there are any disciplines pending review. Partial corrections will not be accepted for plan review. All disapproved trade's comments must be addressed and submitted together when bringing in corrections.

The Building Division will require a copy of the executed contract for the work to be performed at the time of permit application. This requirement will help facilitate the calculation of the required fees per state statute 489.127(4)(c).

Projects that require major trades (building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and roofing) must have the sub-contractors signed on prior to any initial permits being issued.