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Facilities Management

 A division of Public Works department, Facilities Management provides a variety of tasks in order to maintain over 60 City facilities including both offices and recreation facilities totaling over 350,000 square feet.  

The department services include HVAC maintenance and repair, carpentry, electric, painting, plumbing and other designated tasks.  The Division also provides contractual oversight of various tasks including janitorial, median maintenance, right-of-way maintenance, fire alarms and pest control.  

For additional assistance and information, contact Kevin Ramsey, Infrastructure Maintenance Manager at (561) 742-6986 or Arthur Brode, Crew Supervisor at (561) 742-6585, or Gail Mootz, Project Supervisor, (561) 742-6223, Terry Hillman, Crew Supervisor (561) 742-6207, Monday thru Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM  

A/C filter replacement and carpentry