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Fleet Maintenance Division - Public Works

Repairing vehicles
Fleet Maintenance staff perform a wide variety of repairs and service.

A division of the Public Works department, Fleet Maintenance currently services 576 pieces of equipment, which include vehicles to rolling stock.  The City’s rolling stock consists of such equipment as stand-by generators, asphalt hopper, trailers, stages, etc.  The City’s fleet vehicles include solid waste collection vehicles, bucket trucks, patrol cars, fire rescue units, tractors, riding mowers, jet skis, automobiles, etc. 

Fleet Maintenance Team

Fleet Maintenance is responsible for maintaining, in a safe and reliable manner, all assigned fleet assets which includes: 

  • 13        Ambulances
  • 6          Boats
  • 57        Heavy Trucks
  • 162      Light Trucks
  • 3          Motorcycles
  • 184      Passenger Vehicles
  • 103      Tractors / Generators / Mowers / Miscellaneous
  • 48        Trailers

Tasks that the Fleet Maintenance staff are responsible for can range anywhere from a basic tune up to hydraulic repairs to roadside assistance. 

For additional assistance and information, contact Bill Darty, Fleet Administrator, at (561) 742-6215 Monday thru Friday 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM