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Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation Logo

The City of Boynton Beach recognizes the importance of preserving its historic resources and has adopted a preservation ordinance as the foundation for a comprehensive preservation program. The program is to include a Historic Resources Preservation Board for program oversight; a property tax exemption component; and guidelines, standards, and procedures for the maintenance and modification of historic properties.

The City has also initiated a community education campaign to inform the public of the value of historic preservation, the aforementioned tax exception program, and how historic preservation can be a tool for stabilizing aging neighborhoods, fostering community cohesiveness and furthering civic pride.

Visit Historic Preservation Education website to learn about the City’s Heritage Trails. Use the interactive map to view changes in growth and development through the years 1900 - 2005. Locate historic sites and other points of interest along the Downtown and Cemetery Heritage Trails.

Historic Preservation Education website

Located on this website is a link to Article IX, Section 6, “Historic Preservation”, of the land development regulations; a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs); the tax exemption ordinance; the certificate of appropriateness chart which details the level of review necessary for certain improvements to designated structures or within districts; and a public service announcement (embedded video) on historic preservation.

Contact the Planning and Zoning Division at 561.742.6260 for more information.

 Historic Preservation Program