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"Water, You, And I" Public Art Concept Selected

Public Art Concept Selected for East Plant Ion Exchange Project

A significant component of the City’s East Plant Ion Exchange and Upgrades Progressive Design Build Project is the “Water, You and I “ public art. The selected piece will be installed in Harmening Park on the corner of Seacrest Blvd. and Woolbright Rd. Mayor Jerry Taylor relayed at the groundbreaking ceremony, “The Art in Public Places will be aesthetically pleasing providing a welcoming entrance to our downtown corridor”.

Through the Art in Public Places procurement process, the team of David Dahlquist and Matt Niebuhr submitted a concept, titled “Water, You, and I”.  It was selected by an independent panel and approved by the Arts Commission. The team’s concept permits visitors to experience the drawing of water from the well, making a dynamic visual connection with the source of water in Boynton Beach - the Floridan Aquifer. Two major elements will communicate the relationship of how the water is delivered to citizen’s tap. One element will consist of a 164’ long x 6’ high glass tile wall representing the sky, landscape, aquifer and water. The second element will be a 18’ high x 20’ square gathering place, called the “Water Pavilion”, with a functioning water source in the center of the pavilion. A water haiku, a Japanese poem, will be laser cut into an opening in the sculpture symbolizing the source of water, allowing both water and light to pass through. The public art elements are iconic and colorful during the day and illuminated at night with LED lights.

The public art project is expected to be completed in September 2016. “Water, You, and I” will be integrated into the community outreach program and become a part of the local and regional school’s learning curriculum.