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City's meter reading system upgrade reduces costs and helps environment

The city’s meter reading system is getting an upgrade that will substantially reduce labor costs and improve leak detection for the more than 34,000 customers who receive city water.

New meter equipment is now being installed throughout the city and the utility service territory. The installation process, which began July 30, only takes a few minutes and should not interrupt service to customers.

YouTubeVideo: Channel 25 WPBF News (8/7/12)

The first phase of installation will be finished by November 1, 2012 with full conversion for all customers by September 30, 2016. City Commissioners approved the project with SENSUS, a global leader in utility meter technology, in April of 2012.

The new high performing “fixed base” meter reading technology provides improved billing accuracy, substantially reduces meter reading costs,  and provides greater water leak detection. The new meter infrastructure is also good for the environment. By drastically reducing the need for manual or route reading, the fixed base system substantially reduces vehicle travel associated with meter reading travel and the resulting vehicle emissions. This will reduce the overall carbon footprint for the City and brings us closer to our Climate Action Plan goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 18 percent by 2035.

“Customer service is paramount to the mission of the City of Boynton Beach Utilities Department,” said Mayor Woodrow Hay. “By implementing the latest technology for meter reading operations, the City will have taken great strides in enhancing the integrity and management of the water utility.”

For more information regarding the Meter Reading Enhancement project, call 1-866-800-2151 and leave your contact information and a project team member will contact you.