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Boynton Beach CRA Recognized for Green Efforts

Boynton Beach CRA Recognized for Green Efforts by Home Innovation Research Lab

The Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) was recognized as one of 45 Green Partners of Excellence for 2012-2013 by Home Innovation Research Lab. The CRA was awarded this honor due to their concerted efforts to educate local builders, architects and consumers about the value of green home certification.

Impressed with the CRA’s commitment to providing the local community with increased home value, comfort, durability and efficiency innovation, Home Innovation President and CEO, Michael Luzier, cited the City’s unique alliance with Seaborn Cove. The CRA provided the Seabourn Cove developers with $2 million in property tax rebates, over the next 10 years, under the Climate Action Plan (CAP), to help pay for the “green” initiatives, which cost about $3 million. The CAP program was adopted to demonstrate the city’s commitment to help reduce greenhouse gases. The collaboration between the Seaborn Cove, the City of Boynton Beach and the CRA, based on sustainability and green construction methods, is the first public-private partnership in Florida.

“This project represents true green housing standards while creating sustainability; we encourage more developers to follow and continue to make major advances in green housing sustainability,” Vivian Brooks, Executive Director of the Boynton Beach CRA.

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