Starting a Business in Boynton Beach

Looking to start or relocate your business to Boynton Beach? We would love to have your business! It's easy, below you will see the required documents and licenses needed for some of our most common businesses and professions. This list is not all inclusive so should you need any information please feel free to contact us.

Any business and/or professional, including home-based businesses, that provide services or perform work within the City of Boynton Beach city limits will need to obtain a Business Tax Receipt (BTR) and a Certificate of Use and Occupancy (COU).

A Business Tax Receipt and Certificate of Occupancy and Use are intended to protect consumers and help entrepreneurs when starting a business by verifying:

  • Your business is allowed to operate in the zoning district where it is located. This is most helpful before signing a lease
  • The structure was built for your proposed type of business
  • Any environmental requirements associated with your business are met
  • All life safety and regulatory parameters are met