CERT Program

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

The basic idea is to use CERT to perform the large number of tasks needed in local and regional disasters. This frees highly trained professional responders for more technical tasks.

The CERT course is an eight-week, one night per week, class where students learn the disciplines of fire extinguisher use, search & rescue techniques, basic first aid, disaster psychology and much more. A team may self-activate (self-deploy) when their own neighborhood is affected by disaster. An effort is made to report their response status to the sponsoring agency. A self-activated team will size-up the loss in their neighborhood and begin performing the skills they have learned to minimize further loss of life, property, and environment. They will continue to respond safely until redirected or relieved by the sponsoring agency or professional responder’s on-scene.

Please contact us at 561-742-6600 to check class availability and schedules.