Development Application Process

General Information

The application within SagesGov must be filled out completely, accurately, and submitted to the Planning and Zoning Division with all applicable fees; an incomplete application will not be processed. The procedures and application processes for the below-referenced minor and major development applications are further described in Chapter 2, Article II, Section 2 and 3 of the Land Development Regulations.

Pre-Application Meeting (Pre-App)

A Pre-Application Meeting is the initial informal meeting between staff and the applicant to collaborate and discuss the City's overall goals, objectives, policies, codes, and regulations. The meeting allows the applicant to receive information and a description of the relevant review procedures anticipated from each staff discipline and the City Commission. Opinions expressed at the meeting are not binding for formal review purposes.

Development Application Review Team (DART)

Following the Pre-Application Meeting, the applicant prepares and submits the application package to the Planning and Zoning Division and schedules a DART meeting. City staff review the submittal to ensure compliance with the standards and requirements of the City's Land Development Regulations or any other applicable codes. During this informal procedure, staff prepares comments and recommendations, which are forwarded to the applicant so that any issues can be completely resolved or adequately addressed during the DART meeting and, most importantly, prior to the City Commission hearing.

City Commission (CC)

Once any issues are completely resolved or adequately addressed, the Planning and Zoning Administrator, designee, or reviewing authority would forward the items to the City Commission for final review and approval. The Commission will review all presented items, including the staff report, exhibits, and recommendations, in conjunction with any testimony or other information presented at all meetings, and vote as follows: approve the application; approve the application subject to conditions; table or defer their decision to a subsequent meeting; or deny the application.

Application Types, Processes & Meeting Dates

The following lists the different types of land development application(s) or request(s) and applicable meeting(s).  By written request, the applicant shall have the right to withdraw an application at any time prior to the final action of the application by the decision-making body or person.

Minor Development Applications

Minor Development Applications may be submitted at any time and are reviewed and approved administratively.  No public hearings are required.

Minor Development Application Process: First, Pre-Application Meeting.  Second, DART Review.

  • Administrative Adjustment
  • Lot Line Modification
  • Minor Master Plan Modification
  • Minor Site Plan (New & Modificationsa1)
  • Minor Site Plan Time Extension
  • Mobile Vending Unit
  • Sidewalk Cafea2
  • Sign Program

a1 Pre-Application Conference may be optional. Please contact Planning & Zoning staff for determination.
a2 Requires approval by the CRA Board and City Commission.

Major Development Applications

Major Development Applications are subject to submittal deadlines, are reviewed administratively, and are approved by the City Commission during a public hearing. A list of upcoming deadlines may be viewed on the Submittal Deadlines page.

Major Development Application Process: First, Pre-App. Second, DART Review. Third, City Commission.

  • Annexation
  • Cell Tower
  • Comprehensive Plan Text Amendmentb1, b2
  • Conditional Use
  • Future Land Use Map Amendment/Rezoningb2
  • Major Master Plan (New & Modifications)
  • Major Site Plan (New & Modifications)
  • Major Time Extension (Conditional Use, Major Site Plan, and Master Plan)b3
  • Vacation & Abandonmentb2

b1 Shall only be initiated by the City of Boynton Beach.
b2 Two City Commission Meetings required.