Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Program

Welcome to the Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Program for New Businesses!

Are you opening a new business, completing a major renovation, or relocating to Boynton Beach? We are excited to celebrate this milestone with you! The City of Boynton Beach is here to support your success by offering a Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Program. Let us help make your special moment memorable and share it with the community.

Fill out the form below or contact us today to schedule your Ribbon Cutting and take advantage of this comprehensive program and complementary service. We are committed to supporting your business and helping it thrive in the City of Boynton Beach.

Program Eligibility Requirements:

  1.  Must be in Boynton Beach City Limits
  2.  Businesses must have a Boynton Beach Business Tax Receipt
  3. The business must have a physical brick-and-mortar location
  4. For new or relocating businesses, the event must be held within the first 6 months of opening the business

What We Offer:

1. Invitation to Elected Officials and City Staff:
  • We will directly invite our esteemed elected officials and dedicated staff members to join your ribbon-cutting ceremony.
  • Attendance of elected officials is not guaranteed for each event and is based on officials' availability.
  • The Economic Development staff will be present at the event.

2. Scissors and Ribbon:
  • We will provide ceremonial scissors and a ribbon for the official ribbon cutting.
  • This symbolic gesture marks the opening or milestone of your business and signifies progress and growth.

3. Photography and Videography:
  • Our ED staff will capture high-quality images and videos during the ceremony.
  • These visual assets will be shared on our official social media platforms and website, showcasing your achievement and generating excitement within the community.

Let's celebrate your success together and create a lasting impression in the community!

Register for the Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Here!

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