Property Protection Measures

Measures to protect a property from flood damage include retrofitting, re-grading your yard, and correcting local drainage problems. As the City of Boynton Beach is located within a hurricane region, consider installing storm shutters and reinforcing your garage door. If your property has a low finished floor elevation, you may consider retrofitting your structure. Retrofitting can include elevating the structure, flood-proofing doors and walls, re-grading, or installing earthen berms and/or concrete walls. Although these remedies may require a considerable investment, they could help protect your property during flooding. More information on these measures can be found at the Louisiana State University Ag Center's website.

You can also take some emergency property protection measures, like elevating your valuables, if flooding is predicted. This involves putting them on counters, upper cabinets, attics, or upper floors. There are some ideas on our Flood Safety page and on the Louisiana State University Ag Center's website.

A third property protection approach is to take care of your drainage system. Keep the small floods from becoming bigger ones by ensuring that the ditches and canals that drain your area are free of debris and obstructions. Ideas for this approach are found above under "Drainage System Maintenance."

You can always call the Flood Awareness Line at 561-742-6366 for property protection advice specific to your property. Staff can make a site visit to your property to discuss drainage problems and to offer advice.