Building Recertification

Building Skyline

In response to the tragic Surfside collapse the City of Boynton Beach created a building recertification program modeled after Miami-Dade County’s program which has been in effect since 1975. The new state law, mandatory structural inspections FL statute 553.899, created requirements for milestone inspections of residential condominium and residential cooperative association buildings that are three stories and taller.

Like Miami-Dade and Broward Counties the Boynton Beach requirements includes Threshold buildings and electrical service equipment excluding unit panels. 

Other changes of note

  • Requires 25-year recertification for all qualifying buildings within the city limits, then 10 years after.
  • All balconies and guardrails are to be inspected during a phase one inspection

The purpose of the recertification program is to maintain the structural and electrical systems integrity of a building throughout the life of the building, in order to protect the public health, safety, and welfare of its inhabitants.  The program is not intended to determine if the condition of an existing building is in compliance with the Florida Building Code, National Electrical Code or the Fire Safety Code.  

Structures that are Impacted

Condominium/Cooperatives.  An owner or owners of a building that is three stories or more in height as determined by the Florida Building Code and that is subject, in whole or in part, to the condominium or cooperative form of ownership as a Residential Condominium association as defined under Florida Statute 718 and Residential Cooperative association as defined under Florida Statute 719.

Threshold Buildings, any building which is greater than three stories or 50 feet in height, or which has an assembly occupancy classification as defined in the Florida Building Code which exceeds 5,000 square feet in area and an occupant content of greater than 500 persons. 


Single-family, two-family, three-family and Town homes with three or fewer habitable stories above ground.

State University and Palm Beach County School buildings.

U.S. Government, State of Florida, Palm Beach County and local municipal buildings.