Common Recertification Questions & Answers

In response to the Surfside building collapse and Florida Statute 533.899 the City of Boynton Beach passed ordinance 22-025 that requires all Condominium and Cooperative buildings 3 stories or taller and all Threshold buildings to be recertified after 25 years and 10 years after.

When is my building required to be recertified?

If a milestone inspection is required and building’s certificate of occupancy was issued on or before July 1, 1997, the building’s initial milestone inspection must be performed before December 31, 2024.

What if the building is not 25 years old?

If you believe the building is not 25 years old, you will need to contact us, we will research further with the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser’s website to verify the age. Another option is to provide a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy issued by the City of Boynton Beach Building Department.

I will be demolishing the building; do I still need to have the building inspected?

Yes, especially if it is being occupied or still in use. Requests for an exception must be submitted in writing to the Building Official. 

Who can Perform a Recertification Inspection?

Any building that is, three stories or less, and not classified as a threshold building can be inspected by any Architect or Engineer.

Any building, four stories or taller or by definition is a Threshold building, must be inspected by a Threshold structural Engineer for the structural portion and an electrical Engineer for the electrical portion.

Will a City of Boynton Beach Inspector come out?

No. The City of Boynton Beach’s review is based totally on the Licensed Architect/Professional Engineer’s report. Their seal certifies the integrity of the report. Repairs will be required as stated by the Architect/Engineer. 

Who submits the report and where?

The owner or authorized agent listed on SunBiz may electronically submit the recertification application and reports at Sages permits on the Boynton Beach permitting webpage.

What do I need?

Applicants must submit the following:

Boynton Beach Structural and Electrical Guideline reports must be used. Please note that proprietary report forms will not be accepted.

Structural guideline and report

Electrical guideline and report

• Recertification packages must be uploaded electronically at Sages permits

• 1 Structural packet: Must use basic guideline of structural inspection form for recertification report, proprietary report forms will not be accepted. 

• 1 Electrical packet: Must use basic guideline of electrical inspection form for recertification report, proprietary report forms will not be accepted.

• Forms must be properly digitally signed/sealed by a Florida registered Architect or Engineer. The City of Boynton Beach Building Department is paperless, we do not accept paper.

• If there is more than one building on the property, a site plan or copy of a survey showing the location of each building must be submitted. The building that is the subject of the Recertification report must be clearly identified on the site plan or survey submitted.

• The architect/engineer is required to complete all forms, incomplete submissions will be rejected, the applicant will be notified and will be required to resubmit corrected forms. Please note resubmittal fees may be required.

• $400 fee is required at time of submittal.

What is required to submit a permit for structural and/or electrical repairs?

A permit application completed by a licensed and insured contractor for the appropriate discipline must be submitted electronically. Provide repair plans and documentation detailing what repairs are required and the location of the repairs. Structural calculations may be required.

How do I know if a permit is required for repairs?

The architect/engineer or contractor that you hire should be able to answer this.

Does the building have to be brought up to today’s building code?

No. This is a safety inspection of the condition of the building’s structure and electrical system. It determines that whatever is existing is safe. If repairs are required, you may have to make repairs to meet the current code.

How do I request an extension to submit reports?

The Building Official may issue an extension of not more than 60 days to submit a recertification report or to obtain any necessary permits upon a written extension request from an Engineer/Architect. Such a request must contain a signed and sealed statement from the Engineer/Architect that the building may continue to be occupied while undergoing recertification. Requests must be submitted online.

What happens if a building fails to submit the required recertification?

If the property owner fails to obtain the recertification within the timeframe required, the property is cited referencing section 116 of the Boynton Beach Amendments “Unsafe Structures” and a Code enforcement case is opened. Unsafe Structures monitors the recertification process thereafter including posting the building unsafe; issuance of a Notice of Violation; referral to the Special Magistrate; and review of Board Order timelines for compliance and repairs, orders to vacate, collections of enforcement cost and any other action deemed necessary.

Where may I make a complaint against my association for not maintaining the building? 

Customers with complaints or concerns about their HOA/management company may contact the state’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) - Division of Condominiums, Timeshares and Mobile Homes. You can submit a complaint online at DBPR, or by contacting their customer contact center at 850-487-1395.

What if I no longer own that property?

We will verify through the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser’s website that there is a new owner and make changes in our database. If the Property Appraiser still shows you are listed as the property owner, you will need to contact them directly to have it changed.