Building Recertification Submittal Instructions

Please, review these instructions and guidelines before completing the Building Recertification Submission form. 

Important Notice: All building and electrical recertification reports must use Boynton Beach Guideline reports.  Please note that proprietary report forms will not be accepted.

Provide separate recertification reports and uploads for each building. Recertification reports or uploads combining multiple buildings will not be accepted.

Structural guideline and report 

Electrical guideline and report

To submit recertification reports please go to our permitting webpage at Sages permits, select apply for a permit, create user account, select Building Safety Recertification Program then follow these instructions.

Preparing Your Upload Files

1.    Recertification Report documentation must follow these guidelines:

a.    Recertification reports for structural and electrical must be submitted as separate files. Each file must be in a single PDF file format.

b.    Each single file report must be digitally signed by a Florida registered professional engineer or architect using a verifiable digital signature certificate.  

c.    PDF files shall have only one layer (flattened) without any embedded objects.

d.    PDF files shall not be encrypted, or password protected.

e.    Adobe Portfolio PDF types are not accepted.

2.    File naming and size limit

a.    The file name shall not contain:

i.    Any leading or trailing spaces.

ii.    Special characters such as: parenthesis “( )”; double periods “..”; question marks “?”; etc.

b.    The total upload for each recertification report should not exceed 100 M

c.    Completed recertification report must be submitted with the following naming convention for review and processing:

i.    Cover Letter (recommendation from Architect/Engineer preparing respective report) named: “Cover Letter”

ii.    Building Structural Recertification report named: “Structural Report”

iii.    Building Electrical Recertification report named: “Electrical Report”

1.    Infrared Thermography Report may follow page 9 of the Electrical Report or may by submitted separately as “Thermography Report”.

iv.    Photos required by reports to be uploaded separately and identified by section of forms as:

a.    Example: “Structural Photos”

b.    Example: “Electrical Photos”

v.    In addition, if there is more than one building on the property, a site plan or copy of a survey showing the location of each building must be submitted. The building that is the subject of the Building Recertification report must be clearly identified on the site plan or survey submitted. Name this file: “Site Plan”

Completing the Building Recertification Submission form and uploading documents

  1. Complete the Building Recertification submission form.  Please ensure that a valid phone number and email address are provided.
  2. Choose files from your local computer for upload.
  3. Ensure you have selected all the files you intend to upload in this recertification submission. To select multiple files from your source directory, mark all files to upload.
  4. Select the Submit button and wait for the upload to be completed. (Note: the speed of the upload depends on your internet connection, network traffic, and file size.)
  5. Once the upload is completed, you will receive a confirmation number along with an email confirmation.
  6. Recertification report will not be reviewed if payment is not processed at time of submission. To make payment of $400.00