Common Failed Recertification Report Questions & Answers

•    City of Boynton Beach form wasn’t used, the architect or engineer must use the City of Boynton Beach form, no proprietary forms are accepted. 

•    Forms missing information or not properly filled out. Even if a Phase One inspection is approved the entire document needs to be filled out and completed.

Why the architect or engineer’s digital signature isn’t accepted?

There are many reasons a signature fails, typically it’s because the document is scanned then uploaded. Scanning signatures remove the digital signature. 

The architect or engineer indicated no repairs are required for the electrical or structural inspection report, what do I do now?

Once the fees are paid and report uploaded the inspection report will be reviewed. If there are no comments and is approved, a Certificate of Recertification will be issued to the owner. The next recertification will be required in 10 years.

The architect or engineer indicated deficiencies in the building, either structural, electrical or both, what do I do now?

•    The architect or engineer must submit a repair plan and schedule for review.

•    The contractor will apply for permits for the required repairs as per the repair plan and report. All repairs or modifications must be completed in compliance with all applicable sections of the current Florida Building Code (FBC) and the National Electrical Code. The owner has 180 days from the date of the first report to complete repairs and resubmit a new report. 

Am I required to bring the building up to today’s code?

No. This is a safety inspection of the condition of the building’s structure and the electrical system. It will determine that whatever is existing is safe. The architect/engineer’s inspection certifies that whatever is existing is safe. Certain repairs may have to meet the current codes.

After my contractor is done with the repairs what do I do next?

The architect or engineer will provide the Building Official a certificate of completion certifying the repairs, then perform another phase one inspection. If there are no further repairs required a Certificate of Recertification will be issued to the owner. Another recertification is required in 10 years.