A0084 – Janet DeVries Naughton Collection

A0084 – Janet DeVries Naughton Collection



Title: Janet DeVries Naughton Collection
 Date span: 1947-2005
 Physical description: 7 boxes (6 linear ft.)
 Creator(s): Janet DeVries Naughton
 Language note: English


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Additional physical form available: Photographs individually cataloged as A0084; Postcards individually cataloged as A0084-PC. Many digitized and available online.

Acquisition information: Donations 2020.012, 2021.012

Custodial history: Newspapers and clippings were given to Naughton from various sources, including Chris Weaver Teryenyi and Susan Oyer, and some were purchased from an estate sale.

Preferred Citation: “From the collections of the Boynton Beach City Library Local History Archives, “ [image number or folder number]


Historical Note:   

Janet Gardner DeVries Naughton (b. 1962) is a prominent local historian, past president of the Boynton Beach Historical Society and a librarian and history professor at Palm Beach State College. She is also the author of several books focusing on Palm Beach County and Boynton Beach history, including Around Boynton Beach, Arcadia Publishing 2006; Delray Beach (with Dorothy Patterson), Arcadia Publishing 2008; Sport Fishing in Palm Beach County, Arcadia Publishing 2008; Pioneering Palm Beach: The Deweys and the South Florida Frontier (with Ginger Pedersen), Arcadia Publishing 2012; Legendary Locals of West Palm Beach (with Ginger L. Pedersen, Debi Murray) Arcadia Publishing 2015; Overdue in Paradise: The Library History of Palm Beach County (with Graham Brunk, Ginger L. Pedersen, Shellie A. Labell, Rosa Sophia, Dawn Frood) 2017; Pandemic in Paradise: Florida Stories from the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic (Ginger L. Pedersen).

Delray Beach News-Journal stopped publishing in 1986. Originally two newspapers, Delray Beach News (established 1923 by Lon Burton) and Delray Beach Journal (established 1948 by Lora and Robert Britt), they merged in 1959 to become Delray Beach News-Journal, and were purchased by Palm Beach Newspapers in 1969.

Scope and Content Note:

Includes research files, publications, photographs, and postcards. Research files chiefly accumulated for the preparation of articles and presentations including material on Byrd Dewey; the Coquimbo; the Cuban missile crisis; the Pierson photo album purchased, researched, and written about; Cora Stickney Harper; H.D. Pierce; History of Boynton Beach; and William Manly King. Publications include issues of the Boynton Beach Historical Society's newsletter; city of Boynton Beach publications; programs, flyers, and brochures; and newspapers. The collection of newspapers are chiefly Delray Beach News-Journal, including a significant portion of 1959-1961. Also, single issues of Delray Beach News from 1947, 1948, 1949, and several issues from 1957; also a few issues from Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, and Fort Lauderdale newspapers. Photographs include chiefly classroom photographs, 1962-1967.

Processing Information: Collection processed in March 2021 by Georgen

Date of finding aid: March 2021


Series Description:

Series 1: Writings, Presentations, with related research files
 Series 2: Published materials, including clippings, photocopies.
 Series 3: Photographs
 Series 4: Postcards

Box List:

Box 1: Series 1: Writings, Presentations, with related research files

Folder 1: Byrd Spillman Dewey: printout from website about BSD, copy of Delray Beach Historical Society recommendation letter for Dewey’s inclusion in Florida Women’s Hall of Fame
Folder 2: Coquimbo: prepared for Naughton’s blog entry for the Boynton Beach Historical Society website on the 1909 shipwreck of the Coquimbo and Clyde Miller. (Blog entry at http://www.boyntonhistory.org/tag/atlantic-ocean/ )
Folder 3: “The Cuban missile crisis: Palm Beach County” by Janet DeVries
Folder 4: Cuban missile crisis: Research materials, including emails and articles
Folder 5: Cuban missile crisis article: Primary and secondary source research materials, including:

  • Civil defense ordinances for the towns of Boynton Beach, Lake Park, Delray Beach, Hypoluxo, and Palm Beach County, 1961-1963;
  • Booklet: Fallout protection: What to know and do about nuclear attack by the Dept. of Defense, Office of Civil Defense, 1961;
  • Flyer: Air Force Fact Sheet: Civil Air Patrol, 1977

Folder 6: Cocoanut Dreams: statement, research materials, and correspondence relating to Pierson photo album used in 2017 exhibition.
Folder 7: Cora Stickney Harper. Two programs and print-out of PowerPoint slides for presentation.
Folder 8: Early Ocean Ridge History presentation. Print-out of PowerPoint slides.
Folder 9: H.D. Pierce, biographical notes
Folder 10: History of Boynton Beach presentation. Print-out of PowerPoint slides.
Folder 11: William Manly King (architect of the 1927 Boynton High School, 1886 – 1961). Includes biographical information and two copies of a possible list of projects.

Box 1: Series 2: Published materials

Folder 12: Publicity.

  • The Historian: The Newsletter of the Boynton Beach Historical Society. Chiefly issues with content about Naughton. May 2008, Sept 2008, Jan 2012, Oct 2012, Jan 2013, Jan 2015, Mar 2015, Apr 2015, Sep 2015, Nov 2015, Jan 2016, Nov 2017.
  • Schoolhouse Museum Education Update, Sep 2008
  • Lantana Historical Society newsletter
  • Postcards advertising publications

Folder 13: City of Boynton Beach

  • Palmetto Greens Park printouts
  • Community Redevelopment workshop, 8 March 2008
  • Boynton Beach Comprehensive Plan Summary Report, c. 1978
  • Proposed Boynton Beach Museum, by Barretta & Associates

Folder 14: Programs, calendar, brochures, including:

  • Funeral flyers for Bernard Preston Thomas (1994), Ethel Pierce (1987), Conrad Pickel (1994)
  • Genealogical Society of PBC program 2016 (presenter)
  • 500 Ocean flyer
  • Schoolhouse Museum brick dedication, 1999
  • Historical Marker dedication, Orange Grove House of Refuge, 198
  • Boynton Beach Historical Calendar, Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce, 1998
  • Winslow, Elliot, Wedin Architects – Futurists information packet

Folder 15: State and Other

  • Florida Hurricane Survey Report, 1965
  • Bureau of Historic Sites and Properties bulletin no. 5, Division of Archives, History and Records Management, 1976
  • Florida Municipal Record, Dec. 1957
  • Ocean Lifeguard / U.S. Lifesaving Association, Summer 1991 (Vol. 2, Issue 2)
  • Funfare Magazine / City of Boynton Beach, 1994

Folders 16-18: Photographs

  • Individually cataloged as A0084 chiefly classroom photographs, 1962-1967

Box 2: Postcards
•    36 postcards, chiefly of Boynton Beach 1950-1975. Individually cataloged as A0084-PC

Box 3: Schools in Palm Beach County Research Files

  • Folder 1: Photocopy of book: History of early public schools and particularly the Dade County Agricultural High School by John Gordon DuPuis, 1875-1955
  • Folders 2-6 : partial Biennial report of the State superintendent of Public instruction, including section on “negro” schools [obtained by Anne Watts and Janet DeVries from the Miami-Dade Library for a research project of the Rosenwald Schools in Palm Beach County]
    • Folder 2: 1922-1924
    • Folder 3: 1926-1928
    • Folder 4: 1928-1930?
    • Folder 5: 1930-1932
    • Folder 6: 1932-1933
  • Folder 7: Photocopy of book: History of Early Medicine in Dade County (1954)
  • Folder 8: Rosenwald School Research files on DVD

Box 4: Homestead Claims in Boynton Beach. Documents photocopied at National Archives, 1882-1895 (Available online at https://glorecords.blm.gov/default.aspx)

  • Folder 1: Township 45S, Range 43E, Section 22 – Armour, James, 30 June 1883
  • Folder 2: Township 45S, Range 43E, Section 2 – Brelsford, Dorinda, 5 Oct 1883
  • Folder 3: Township 45S, Range 43E, Section 2, 11, 10, 15, 18 – Charter, George H., 25 Nov 1885
  • Folder 4: Township 45S, Range 43E, Section 3, 4 – Garnett, Andrew, 1 April 1892
  • Folder 5: Township 45S, Range 43E, Section 26, 35 – Hammon, Hiram F., 25 Aug 1882
  • Folder 6: Township 45S, Range 43E, Section 15 – Lyman, George R, 16 Oct 1895
  • Folder 7: Township 45S, Range 43E, Section 3 – Lyman, Morris K., 16 Nov 1891
  • Folder 8: Township 45S, Range 43E, Section 3 – Moore, William H., 12 Nov 1887
  • Folder 9: Township 45S, Range 43E, Section 4 – Pierce, Charles W., 21 Jan 1893
  • Folder 10: Township 45S, Range 43E, Section 10 – Pierce, Hannibal, 13 Aug 1883

Box 5: Boynton Beach Archeological and Architectural Listings

Box 6: Oversized publications

Conceptual design & feasibility coast study for Old Boynton High School Cultural Center: adaptive re-use project Ocean Ave. Boynton Beach Fl., prepared for Boynton Beach Historical Society, prepared by REG [Ricardo E. Gonzalez], architect and Hedrick Brothers construction company, 2001.


Fort Lauderdale News
1959-07-21 [crumbling at crease]
1959-07-11 [one clipping only]

Boynton Beach Press (Boynton Press Bureau, owner; Leslie Fox, managing editor; Nick Stevens, publisher)
1959-04-01, v1 #1
1959-04-22, v1 #4 [clipping only]
1959-06-18, v1 #12
1959-07-02, v1 #14
1959-08-13, v1 #20

Lake Worth Free Press
1993-01-04, v1 #1

Lake Worth Herald

Boynton Beach News
1959-03-12 [torn]

Boynton Beach Star
1962-04-12 [3 copies, torn and crumbling]
1963-10 magazine

Boynton Beach Times
1987-09-03 [partial]
1995-06-08 [partial]
1995-06-22, happy 100th issue

Palm Beach Post
Magazine: Palm Beach County History & Civics / designed and produced by Palm Beach Post, School District of Palm Beach Post, Historical Society of Palm Beach County, 2015
Magazine: The History of Florida / Palm Beach Post, School District of Palm Beach Post, Historical Society of Palm Beach County, 2015

Pages featuring stories on Boynton Beach
PBP: 1958-03-04 [torn and crumbling]
PBP: 1981-12-20 brown wrapper with story on ostrich farming
PBP: 1987-06-02 with story on school bell
PBP: 1995-06-16 with story on school
Monday paper: 1987-04-20 with story on Betty Thomas
Sun-Sentinel: 1986-04-29 [section c]
Sun-Sentinel: 1987-04-26 [2 leaves]
Miami Herald: 1986-03-31 [1 leaf]

Delray Beach News (“A John Perry Newspaper”)
1947-01-17 (E.F. Peterson, publisher and general manager; Jeffrey Roche, editor)
1948-08-06 (W.K. Morrison, publisher and general manager; Miriam Brown, editor)
1949-09-02 (William K. Morrison, publisher and general manager; [no editor listed])
1957-07-11 [heavily clipped] (David Arthurs, manager; John H Battin, editor)
1957-08-01 (includes Boynton Beach Tides)

Delray Beach News-Journal (“A John Perry Newspaper”; Robert L. Britt, publisher; Lora Britt, editor)
1959-10-22 [sections B&C]
1959-10-29 [crumbling]

Box 7: Newspapers - Delray Beach News-Journal continued

1960-05-12 [heavily clipped]
1960-08-24 [one leaf (4 pages)]
1961-03-23 [heavily clipped]
1961-05-04 [stamped Delray Beach Historical Society; dup 2 leaves]
1961-05-11 [heavily clipped]
1961-05-18 [heavily clipped]
1961-05-25 [heavily clipped]
1961-06-22 [heavily clipped]
1961-06-29 [heavily clipped]
1961-07-06 [heavily clipped]
1961-07-13 [heavily clipped]
1961-09-21 [heavily clipped; section C]
1961-09-28 [heavily clipped]
1961-11-23 [torn]
1961-11-30 [stamped Delray Beach Historical Society]
1961-12-07 [heavily clipped]
1961-12-14 [heavily clipped]
1961-12-21 [4 pages only]

Oversized storage:
A0084-008 (drawer 19)