How to Submit a Minor / Major Development Application in SagesGov

Important: Please use Google Chrome to launch the SagesGov platform; the software is not fully functional in any other browser.

Step 1: Login into your SagesGov account. If you have not created an account, please refer to the "How to Create an Individual or Company Account" guide.

Step 1

Step 2: Select the Minor Development Application tile.

Step 2

Step 3: Enter the Pre-application information and select "Save and Continue".

Step 3

Step 4: Enter the project location information and select "Save and Continue".

Step 4

Step 5: Complete the form and click "Save and Continue". The fields with an asterisk (*) must be completed in order to continue to the next step in the application process.

Step 5A

Step 5B

Step 5C

Step 5D

Step 6: Upload the required drawings and documents and select "Save and Continue". Be advised that the "File Name" of drawings and documents must be consistent with the "File Type". Multiple selections of "File Type" are allowed.

Step 6

Step 6B

Step 7: Select "Pay Now and Submit" to process the fee payment and select "Submit"

Step 7

Step 8: Select "here" to access the project in SagesGov.

Step 8