Fence Permit

Fence Checklist

Submittal requirements will include, but may not be limited to, the below listed documents.  Please provide a complete application; applications shall be completely filled out, or shall indicate N/A if not applicable.

Required Documents:

  • Copy of survey indicating location of fence and gates. (see instructions below)
  • Completed Fence Permit Affidavit. (Download)
  • Utility easement consent and Removal Agreement if applicable. (Download)
  • Completed land survey affidavit if the survey is not up-to-date. (Download)
  • Permit fee. (More Information)

Permit applications for fences are submitted through SagesGov.

Fence Information and Requirements

The following information is a summary.  The city's complete regulations on fences is viewable within Gridics (Part III Land Development Regulations, Ch. 3 Zoning, Art. V Supplemental Regulations, Sec. 2 Walls and Fences).

  • Fencing in side and rear yard may not exceed 8 feet in height.
  • Fencing forward of the front building line (including corner lots) shall not exceed four (4) feet in height.
  • Height shall be measured from the finished grade to the top of the fence (columns/posts excluded). Consideration shall be given to the adjoining property grade during installation.
  • Photos of the site prior to installation shall be submitted with the application. Photos of the site after installation (in the same orientation as the “before” photos) shall be submitted.
  • Indicate type of material; length of fence; height of fence; location of gates, if any;
  • Indicate a series of x's in red (example: x x x x x x) on survey or site plan where fence will be placed.
  • Indicate a slash (example: / ) on survey or site plan where gate will be placed.

Note: It is advisable to notify/request approval from Homeowners Association prior to applying for a permit as the restrictions may be more stringent than that of the City. Please retain any approvals you receive for your records.