Shed Permit

Submittal requirements will include, but may not be limited to, the below listed documents.  Please provide a complete application; applications shall be completely filled out, or shall indicate N/A if not applicable.

Required Documents:

  • A copy of a property survey indicating the location of the proposed shed. Draw the lines of the walls of the shed in scale with the survey, mark each wall with the length of the wall in feet, and indicate the distance (setback) of each wall from the closest property line.
  • The cut sheet from the shed manufacturer showing details of construction.
  • Completed Land Survey Affidavit if the survey is not up-to-date. (Download)
  • Permit Fee. (More Information)

Permit applications for sheds are submitted through SagesGov.

Shed Information and Requirements:

The following information is a summary.  The city's complete regulations on sheds is viewable within Gridics (Part III Land Development Regulations, Ch. 3 Zoning, Art. V Supplemental Regulations, Sec. 3.E Sheds and Storage Containers)

  • Sheds 100 square feet or less in area and shorter than 9 feet in height shall be placed at least 3 feet from rear and side property lines. (see below diagram)
  • Sheds larger than 100 square feet in area or 9 feet or taller in height shall be placed in accordance with the principal building setbacks. Principal building setbacks for a property can be searched within Gridics.
  • The shed shall not encroach any easement.
  • The shed shall be screened by at least half the height of the shed if visible from an abutting property or roadway.  Method and location of screening (landscaping, fence, etc.) must be indicated and drawn on the survey.

Note: It is advisable to notify/request approval from Homeowners Association prior to applying for a permit as the restrictions may be more stringent than that of the City. Please retain any approvals you receive for your records.

Diagram illustrating the areas where sheds (100 square feet or less and shorter than 9 feet) may be locatedSheds cannot be placed in front or side corner setbacks, or within 3 feet of side or rear prop. line