Bounce House Info

Having a Bounce House at Your Party? Please note :

•    Electricity is not available at City parks.
•    Your bounce house must be operated by a GENERATOR.
• Bounce houses are not permitted at Oceanfront Park.
•    The Bounce House Company must have a current Business Tax Receipt from the City or County in which they are located and provide the City a copy of their General Liability Insurance naming the City as Additional Insured. 
•    Rides, water slides, kiddie pools, and other water related equipment are prohibited.
•    The maximum size permitted for bounce houses is 15’x15’.
•    Bounce houses are only permitted in conjunction with a pavilion reservation.

The companies listed below have provided the necessary documentation to the City and are authorized to operate on City property. These are the ONLY Bounce House Companies currently approved to operate in City parks.  The City does not endorse these companies or the quality of service they provide. As the person making the pavilion reservation, you are responsible for contacting the bounce house company and making all arrangements for the bounce house for your event. You are responsible for the bounce house at all times and for the removal of the bounce house by park closing time. The City's Parks Compliance Division reserves the right to check your pavilion reservation receipt and Bounce House agreement to ensure that only companies with the proper licenses and certificates are operating in City parks.

Questions? Call the City's Recreation and Parks Department at (561) 742-6650 or email

Approved Bounce House Vendors

Kids Fairyland, 954-657-1087 / 561-613-5178