About Your Utility Bill

Download the Full Utility Guide (PDF), or view key information on this page.

Each customer is billed monthly for service, regardless of occupancy. The bill may include charges for water, sewer, garbage and stormwater and is due when rendered. If payment is not received before the date indicated, it becomes past due and is included in next month's bill. If the past due amount is not received shortly after the past due bill statement date, service is subject to disconnection. No other notice of service disconnection will be given.

Failure to receive a bill does not prevent service interruption. A partial payment is not sufficient to resume water service.

A $40 delinquency fee is charged to any account processed for shut-off due to non-payment, whether or not the service is disconnected. A deposit may be required again if it has already been refunded. The account must be paid in full before service will be restored, so it is very important to pay the bill on time.