Stormwater is excess rainfall that is not absorbed into the ground. As the rainfall flows to nearby canals, lakes, the Intracoastal Waterway, and the ocean, it can pick up dirt, debris, chemicals, and other pollutants. Our stormwater management system helps to filter out these pollutants and prevent flooding in our neighborhoods.

The stormwater fee on your Boynton Beach Utilities bill pays for the following services:

  • Capital Improvement Projects  
  • Routine maintenance of City infrastructure (ponds, swales, pipes, catch basins, grates, pump stations)
  • Maintenance before & after storm events
  • Improving drainage in areas affected by King Tides

Immediately report any dumping or spills into stormwater systems by calling Boynton Beach Utilities at 561-742-6400.

Ways to Manage Stormwater

Drain water away from home or building

  •  Pull mulch and grass away from foundation
  •     Reduce and contain floatable mulch
  •     Clean gutters
  •     Install gutter extensions
  •     Check and clean any yard drains
  •     Clean any blockage at the street

Maintain Neighborhood Swales

Do not park in swales!

Inspect swales twice a year to ensure:

  • Fully grassed, free of shrubs & trees    
  • No sediment build-up    
  • Pipes under driveways are clean and open.    
  • Grass root at edge of pavement is lower than the pavement.

Care for Storm Grates

  • Routinely check drainage grates along roadways, swales, and low-lying areas
  • Remove any debris on the grate.
  • Inspect upstream curbs, asphalt, swales, and open areas for debris.