Water Quality Report

Boynton Beach Utilities supplies drinking water for about 112,000 customers within the service area. The water is pumped from the East Coast Surficial Aquifer via wells of depths from 50 to 250 feet. During the dry season, so as not to over-pump the eastern wells, we rely on water from the City’s western wellfield and from previously treated water stored in two Aquifer Storage and Recovery wells.

The utility operates two Water Treatment Plants. The East Water Treatment Plant treats up to 24 million gallons per day using a traditional lime softening/sand filtration process. In 2017, the plant was upgraded with a state-of-the-art Magnetic Ion Exchange (MIEX) pretreatment system to treat water transported from the western wellfield via a 6-mile-long pipeline. This upgrade protects the eastern wellfield from saltwater intrusion. The West Water Treatment Plant uses microscopic membranes to filter contaminants in western wellfield water, treating an average of 12 million gallons per day.

Boynton Beach Utilities routinely monitors for contaminants in your drinking water according to federal and state laws, rules, and regulations. We also encourage community participation and feedback. If you have any questions about the 2022 Water Quality Report, or if you would like a copy of our water system’s complete source water assessment, call (561) 742-6400 or use the form below.

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