Sages Permits

The City of Boynton Beach’s electronic permitting platform is powered by SagesGov.  All new permit applications after May 22, 2021, will be submitted and processed in SagesGov.  Your entire project will be reviewed and managed through this platform to include: submittal, plan review, issuance, inspections, close out, as well as certificates.   

Please choose the project type that correlates with your scope of work to submit your permit application. If an incorrect project type is selected your project will be abandoned and you will have to reapply using the correct project type.   If you are unsure of the correct project type please contact us as payments cannot be transferred to the correct project type.  Payments will have to be refunded and a new payment made on the correct project type.   Please review the information below to help identify appropriate project types.


1-2 Single Family Home, Town Houses

Commercial Permit

Apartments, Condos, Warehouse, Retail, Offices 

Please note: Changes to proposed work can be submitted in the form of a revision only after your permit has been approved and issued.

Instant Permits

The instant permit process is only for submittals of 1 & 2 Family or Detached Accessory Structures by licensed Roofing Contractors or Specific Building Contractors per State Statue 489.113(G).

The instant permits are automatically issued upon payment and upload of required documents.  Please ensure that all required documents are uploaded and correct to avoid inspection failures.

The City of Boynton Beach offers instant permits for licensed contractors performing the following:

  1. Air Conditioning Change-Out
  2. Water Heater Change-Out
  3. Re-Roof

Please keep an eye out for additional application types that will be added to instant permits.

Digital Applications Only

As our permitting process has transitioned to a paperless system, all submittals must be submitted online in an unprotected PDF format.  

The digital Universal Permit Application is built into our electronic permitting software which eliminates the need to be completed by paper.  This document does not need to be scanned, uploaded or submitted in SagesGov. 

Sign and Sealed

Documents prepared by a professional, registered in the state of Florida, must be signed and sealed by the registered professional.  Removing/clearing signatures or seals will result in a disapproved plan review.  Please contact the designer of record to have the document unprotected while remaining digitally or electronically signed and sealed.


Upon permit issuance, all approved documents must be printed from the SagesGov portal and be made available to our field inspectors.  As work commences and inspections become necessary, please ensure the required inspections are scheduled online, via your SagesGov portal, by 3:00 PM the day prior to your desired inspection date.  At 8:00 AM, the day of your inspection, an updated schedule displaying both your inspector and window of time will be provided on the SagesGov portal.  As an added convenience, this schedule is available to those without a SagesGov account by clicking on the “Reports” tab at the top of the SagesGov homepage.

SagesGov Electronic Online Permitting
 Easy to use e-permitting for any size project.   
 Submit, track, review, inspect, and close all in one place!


Please Note: All documents must be submitted “UNPROTECTED”. The new software will not allow “protected files” to be submitted. Please be sure your design professional has provided “UNPROTECTED” files. All required signatures must be digitally signed and sealed. If your permit application number is formatted as 21-3000 you must process through the Legacy system. Click here to re-route to the legacy system

View a virtual online permitting workshop on how to use our new system.

Instructional videos on how to log in and create user accounts in the SagesGov system:


Set Up Single User Account


Set Up Company User Account

Adding Users To Company User Account

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