Creative Edge Studio

Creative Edge StudioDesign, create, learn, and make.

To access the Creative Edge Studio, attend a mandatory orientation session. Orientations are held twice a month on select Saturday afternoons, and Monday mornings. Find and register for a Creative Edge Studio Orientation on the Library Program Calendar.

Once orientation is compete, make an appointment using the online scheduler. The online scheduler only shows 30 days' worth of availability. If the scheduler shows no available appointments, that means all appointments are currently booked. Please continue to check for available appointments as new dates and times become available almost every day.

Demonstrations are available to everyone. However, Studio users must be 18 years or older and have a valid library card to use the equipment.

Patrons can provide materials for projects to reduce fees. However, for many of the machines, it is not possible to stray from library-provided materials. All fees are cash only.

Additional Information

All visitors must have a current Boynton Beach City Library Card to use the studio.

The Creative Edge Studio offers programs that provide additional learning on studio equipment like the Cricut. Check out upcoming studio programs.

Interested in using the equipment listed below? Find and register for a Creative Edge Studio Orientation on the Library Program Calendar.

Library Code of Conduct still applies to the Creative Edge Studio.

3D Printer Prusa3D printing is a type of additive manufacturing that creates a physical object from a digital file. A 3D printer works by melting the material (a type of plastic, Boynton Beach City Library uses PLA) and then layering it onto the build platform, working from bottom to top, until the object is complete.

3D printing costs $0.10 cents per gram. Finished object is weighed along with any printed supports.

3D files can be submitted for evaluation by emailing the Creative Edge Studio. A staff member will evaluate the print, ask questions about color and size preference, and schedule the file to be printed. Once the print is completed, the object is weighed to determine the final price. The completed print can then be picked up and paid for at the Customer Relations Desk.

There is a 6-hour print limit and the 3D printer is not run overnight.