Zoning Letters

A Zoning Verification Letter Request is a formal request for written information and verification from the city on zoning and land development regulations, data associated with real property, or the applicable process for development or redevelopment. Requests for zoning verification letters can be applied for through SagesGov.

A zoning verification letter does not grant an approval of a business. If you need approval of a business for a Palm Beach County Business Tax Receipt, you will first need to apply for a City of Boynton Beach Business Tax Receipt. Please contact the Business Tax Unit for more information.

All Zoning Verification Letter Requests must describe the desired information and must include any applicable details on the subject property, such as a legal description, site address, property owner, and the like. Requests for business use verification must include as much description about the business as possible, including all types of activities occurring at the site, hours of operations, square footage, and more.

Fee Schedule:

  • Each question per vacant property or per developed project: $50
  • Code interpretations or determinations: $200