Lien Search

The City of Boynton Beach provides electronic access to the City's interests against real property. Reports are provided through the Internet using a system called Conduits™, which is operated and supported by Net Assets Corporation. 

The Conduits™ reports are typically requested and provided to title companies, search agencies, escrow agents, and other real estate professionals as a regular part of real estate transactions. If you are associated with such an organization, access can be obtained through your company or Net Assets Corporation in getting your company setup as a regular user of Conduits. If you feel that you need one-time or very occasional access to the Conduits reports, access can also be provided. To begin using Conduits™, please visit the website:

For assistance, please contact Net Assets Corporation at (541) 485-8876 or by email at For assistance with further information regarding a completed lien search, please contact the City Clerks Office at 561-742-6060.